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Dear Designer / Architect,

Every year, between 12 and 15 April, are the World Design Days. The aim of the World Design Days is to create awareness for design across the globe. World Design Days program was established to promote design for a better, brighter future where good designs serve mankind and improve the quality of life by socio-cultural, economic, and environmental innovations.

Learn more about World Design Days :

World Design Days

With this occasion, To support global design culture, creative community and independent development of the design field, every year, between 12 and 15 April, during the World Design Days, A’ Design Competition presents a great possibility for freelance designers, independent artists and architects to join the Competition with greatly discounted fees for three days.

Get your World Design Days entry ticket here:

What else to do in World Design Days?

Suggested Events and Activities for Institutions

  • Support this day by announcing it in your corporate website or magazine; logos and visual communication material are provided free of charge without any licensing fee requirements for this purpose.
  • During these four days, museums and paid-entry enterprises are suggested to provide free entrance or discounts to the visiting designers, artists, architects and their family.
  • Design Schools are suggested to organize a 4 day student exhibition to celebrate the World Design Days, art galleries and museums are suggested to provide space for designers to showcase their works.
  • Host and organize; lectures, workshops and seminars focused on design practices and principles; highlight the value of design, the role of design within society and provide know-how.
  • Municipal governments are suggested to officially declare 12 – 15 April as World Design Days, this could be done by the city mayor through a proclamation.
  • Press members are suggested to provide more coverage within their magazines for articles, news and interviews regarding designers and their works.
  • Commercial entities and businesses are suggested to provide special discounts and packages that are available during the World Design Days.
  • Government entities and universities are suggested to distribute communicative and instructive materials regarding design value or place advertisements during these days.
  • Radio and television networks are suggested to prepare programs to highlight the importance of design and provide talk-shows or documentaries to educate the population.
  • Design studios, universities, and design centers could organize open door days and tours during the World Design Days.
  • Participatory design activities, local talks, lectures, presentations, workshops and debates could be organized to create both awareness and as a cultural activity to promote design.
  • Organize local design competitions, contests and awards to promote design and to support young and upcoming designers through award prizes as subsidies
  • Create and publish a press release regarding the activities you would organize during the World Design Days.


Suggested Events and Activities for Individuals

  • Spread the word through your own ways; announce the World Design Days at social networking sites, your webpages, your newsletter, at your workplace etc.
  • Buy a present or throw a party for your designer friends for the 15th of April – Designers’ Day, and share your events to inspire others.
  • Use the World Design Days logos during your events
  • Take your kids to a design or arts museum on the International Creativity, Inspiration and Imagination Day at 13th of April.
  • Design a World Design Day poster in A3 Format – 420x297mm (4961×3508 pixels) and send to us by email, so that we could list your contribution.
  • Design World Design Day comics, jokes and fun drawings that we could share with others – the theme is: Design, Designers and everything else.
  • Redesign World Design Days logos, and share your own interpretation with us!

Download World Design Days identity package here:

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